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1914278 - Trace Water Solutions Ltd.

Oilfield Waste Management Facility Licence application under D58 for a new Alternative Water Hub Facility.


1914121 - Secure Energy Services Inc.

AER oilfield waste receiver audit response: Amendment Application.


1914107 - Tervita Corporation

Addition of oilfield and non-oilfield waste streams.


1913996 - Secure Energy Services Inc.

Application for approval for the handling, treatment, storage and disposal of upstream oilfield waste.


1913955 - Remedx Remediation Services Inc.

Request for amendment to WM 051C for the Breton Soil Treatment Facility. Amendment is requested for the decommissioning and reclamation of two lined cells.


1913886 - Tervita Corporation

Tank upgrade in the following location:



1913842 - Fort Hills Energy Corporation

Suncor Energy Operating Inc. (SEOI) on behalf of Fort Hills Energy Corporation (FHEC) is submitting an application under Directive 050 – Drilling Waste Management for an amendment to the existing approval for the alternative management of drilling waste (A.


1913765 - Imperial Oil Resources Limited

Imperial is submitting an application for alternative drilling waste management for drilling programs on Imperial's Kearl, Aspen and Corner oils sands leases. Waste will be disposed in Kearl ETA/ODA. Application has been approved in previous years.


1913728 - Tervita Corporation

Amendment to remove 25% NONOFD restriction on Class Ia well.


1913687 - Tervita Corporation

New AB-generated oilfield waste streams in the following location: