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1926442 - Canadian Natural Resources Limited

Kirby In Situ Oil Sands Project –Kirby North Warm Solvent-Assisted Start-up Process Application – Scheme Approval 11475II.


1926758 - Canadian Natural Resources Limited

Application to perform a long-term injection test. Total injection volume request: 21,420 m3. Injection fluid will be non-saline groundwater in the following location:



1926451 - Canadian Natural Resources Limited

CNRL has applied for the construction of Phase 2 of Waste Area 3 (WA3) located at Horizon South Lease 24. CNRL included a geotechnical design report to support the application.


1926454 - West Lake Energy Corp.

Application to Amend Primary Recovery Scheme Approval # 12054B Request to Amend Well Spacing for Horizontal Development.


1926457 - Canadian Natural Upgrading Limited

An amendment application request to deploy the Atmospheric Fines Drying (AFD) program at Muskeg River Mine (MRM).


1926761 - Athabasca Oil Corporation

Directive 051 requirements for the F2/01-10-078-10W4/0 well listed on Class Ib Disposal Approval No. 11479C in the following location:



1926524 - Spur Petroleum Ltd.

Application for a new enhanced recovery scheme by water injection in the Clearwater Deposit within the Athabasca Oil Sands Area in the following locations:



1926763 - Imperial Oil Resources Limited

Cold Lake Operations: AER Scheme Approval No. 8558 Application for Authorization for a Butane Blending Project.


1926474 - ConocoPhillips Canada Resources Corp.

Category 2 amendment application for ConocoPhillips Surmont In Situ Oil Sands Project, Commercial Scheme Approval No. 9426RR.


1926486 - Pengrowth Energy Corporation

Request for Open Hole Logging Waivers for upcoming Lindbergh D03 additional well pair and infill drilling program under Scheme 6410U. Expected spud of Jan. 22, 2020 in the following location: