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BUL 034

Physical Environment of an Abandoned Strip Mine Near Cadomin, Alberta

An investigation of revegetation at an abandoned coal strip mine near Cadomin, Alberta, shows that soil moisture deficiency and wind are ajor factors inhibiting plant growth on disturbed ground in this area. Shelter belts should be left standing ... Show Abstract

Root, J.D.  1976-01-01

ESR 2007-05

Regional Correlations of the Ardley Coal Zone, Alberta

Information on the Ardley Coal Zone is often reported using Foothills coal seam terminology such as Val d'Or and Mynheer seams, implying correlation with the Coalspur Coal Zone of the Foothills area. In the western part of the basin, this ... Show Abstract

Langenberg, C.W.  Berhane, H.  Sweet, A.R.  Marchioni, D.  Heaman, L.M.  2007-03-01

ESR 1959-01

Coal Reserves for Strip-Mining, Wabamun Lake District Alberta

Coal Reserves for Strip-Mining, Wabamun Lake District Alberta Strippable coal reserves in the Wabamun Lake district, Alberta are estimated from geological examination and drill-hole data at over 200 million tons. Detailed drill-hole logs are ... Show Abstract

Pearson, G.R.  1959-01-01

DIG 2007-0009

Alberta Diamond Occurrences Dataset

Alberta Diamond Occurrences Dataset The first clue to the presence of possible diamond-bearing source rocks in northern Alberta was the discovery of a perfect octahedral diamond, estimated at about 0.83 carats in weight, by farm worker Einar Opdahl ... Show Abstract

Eccles, D.R.  2008-11-19

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