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ESR 2000-02

Distribution and thickness of salt within the Devonian Elk Point Group, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

Data processing and the application of mapping software resulted in the refinement of the some of the salt boundaries and the production of basin-scale depth to, structure, and isopach maps for the Elk Point salt units. Furthermore, available ... Show Abstract

Grobe, M.  2000-01-01

OFR 2009-20

Preliminary Investigation of Potash Potential in Alberta

Preliminary Investigation of Potash Potential in Alberta The same cannot be said for potash, a potassium-bearing impurity of salt, for which the neighbouring province of Saskatchewan is the worldwide leader in potash production. Renewed interest ... Show Abstract

Eccles, D.R.  Al-Souqi, M.  Grattan, K.  Dufresne, M.B.  2010-01-12

OFR 2013-05

Regional Cross-Sections of Devonian Stratigraphy in Northeastern Alberta (NTS 74D, E)

In this report, we present three regional cross-sections of the Devonian in subsurface along east-west and north-south trend lines in a study area encompassing Twp. 87 to 98, Rge. 3 to 15, W 4th Mer, Alberta. Devonian strata are included in OSCRIP ... Show Abstract

Schneider, C.L.  Grobe, M.  2013-09-30

OFR 2014-07

The Sub-Cretaceous Unconformity and the Devonian Subcrop in the Athabasca Oil Sands Area, Townships 87-99, Ranges 1-13, West of the Fourth Meridian

Devonian strata underlying the Lower Cretaceous McMurray Formation in the Athabasca Oil Sands Area (northeastern Alberta) between townships 87 and 99 and ranges 1 through 13 west of the 4th meridian were investigated in order to understand the ... Show Abstract

Schneider, C.L.  Mei, S.  Haug, K.  Grobe, M.  2014-12-03