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ESR 2007-10

Sandstone-Hosted Uranium Potential of Southern Alberta Preliminary Assessment

Sandstone-hosted uranium, the past and present exploration model, is a type of deposit that hosts 30 per cent of world uranium reserves (International Atomic Energy Agency, 2003). The geological setting of southern Alberta has much in common with ... Show Abstract

Matveeva, T.M.  Anderson, S.D.A.  2007-11-01

ESR 2003-04

Chemical and Physical Hydrogeology of Coal, Mixed Coal-Sandstone and Sandstone Aquifers from Coal-Bearing Formations in the Alberta Plains Region, Alberta

Natural gas from coal (NGC) exploration in Alberta is increasing as new technology and economic factors combine to enhance the attractiveness of this unconventional gas resource. Ongoing research to asses the effect of NGC production on water ... Show Abstract

Lemay, T.G.  2003-09-01

BUL 004

The Clay Mineralogy and Chemistry of the Bearpaw Formation of Southern Alberta

No significant relationships were found between the clay mineralogy of the shales and the distance to the ancient shoreline.Samples were also collected across the formational contact between the marine Bearpaw formation and the underlying non-marine ... Show Abstract

Byrne, P.J.S.  Farvolden, R.N.  1959-01-01

GEO 2005-08

Horseshoe Canyon - Bearpaw Transition and Correlation of Associated Coal Zones across the Alberta Plains

The Horseshoe Canyon Formation contains about 40% of the total coalbed methane gas resources of the Upper Cretaceous-Tertiary succession, of which about 58% are hosted by the Drumheller and the Basal coal zones. At least five major flooding ... Show Abstract

Chen, D.  Langenberg, C.W.  Beaton, A.P.  2005-09-01

ESR 1969-01

Groundwater Chemistry and Hydrology of the Handhills Lake Area, Alberta

The Edmonton Formation, a series of alternating lenticular beds of argillaceous sandstone, shale, and coal which immediately overlies the Bearpaw Formation, is found throughout most of the area and forms the greater part of the framework through ... Show Abstract

Vandenberg, A.  Lennox, D.H.  1969-01-01

REP 91

Regional Geological and Hydrogeological Characterization of the Calgary-Lethbridge Corridor in the South Saskatchewan Regional Planning Area

In partnership with Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP), the Alberta Energy Regulator/Alberta Geological Survey (AER/AGS) undertook a study in the Calgary-Lethbridge Corridor (CLC) area of southern Alberta to support the development and ... Show Abstract

Atkinson, L.A.  Liggett, J.E.  Hartman, G.M.D.  Nakevska, N.  Mei, S.  MacCormack, K.E.  Palombi, D.  2017-02-24

OFR 2013-11

Maps of Fresh Groundwater Chemistry, Edmonton-Calgary Corridor, Alberta: V - Bearpaw Aquifer

In 2008, Alberta Geological Survey (AGS), in collaboration with Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD), began an inventory of groundwater resources within the Edmonton-Calgary Corridor (ECC). The resulting datasets contain ... Show Abstract

Barker, A.A.  Moktan, H.  Huff, G.F.  Stewart, S.A.  2013-08-01

OFR 2010-10

Top of the Belly River Group in the Alberta Plains: Subsurface Stratigraphic Picks and Modelled Surface

Representative geophysical logs demonstrate the criteria used to make picks and to highlight regional geological variability. Deviations from regional strike on the structure map, consistent with transverse faults, exist near Lethbridge, where the ... Show Abstract

Glombick, P.M.  2010-12-22

OFR 2011-07

Measured Outcrop Section T27-R17W4-01 of the Bearpaw and Horseshoe Canyon Formations, Dorothy, Red Deer River Valley, Southern Alberta (NTS 72P/08)

Measured outcrop section T27-R17W4-01, located 34 km southeast of Drumheller on the southwest side of the Red Deer River valley opposite the village of Dorothy, includes the upper part of the Bearpaw Formation and the lowermost part of the Horseshoe ... Show Abstract

Hathway, B.  Banks, C.J.  Hay, D.C.  Prior, G.J.  Mei, S.  Chen, D.  Weiss, J.A.  2011-08-18

OFR 2011-02

Measured Outcrop Section T21-R10W4-01 of the Oldman and Dinosaur Park Formations (Belly River Group), Dinosaur Provincial Park Area, Red Deer River Valley, Southeastern Alberta (NTS 72L/14)

Measured Outcrop Section T21-R10W4-01 of the Oldman and Dinosaur Park Formations (Belly River Group), Dinosaur Provincial Park Area, Red Deer River Valley, Southeastern Alberta (NTS 72L/14) In this report, we present data on a Belly River Group ... Show Abstract

Hathway, B.  Prior, G.J.  2011-08-16