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OFR 2016-02

Field Evidence of Nested Groundwater Flow Along the Little Smoky River, West-Central Alberta

At two of the borehole locations, vibrating wire piezometers were installed to four depths measuring vertical hydraulic heads adjacent to the Little Smoky River. Combined with water level data from the Alberta Water Well Information Database, these ... Show Abstract

Smerdon, B.D.  Atkinson, L.A.  Hartman, G.M.D.  Playter, T.L.  Andriashek, L.D.  2016-04-12

OFR 2016-03

Summary of Hydraulic Conductivity Values for the Paskapoo Formation in West-Central Alberta

Hydraulic conductivity values were determined along the length of nine drill cores from the area between Hinton and Fox Creek using an air permeameter. Additionally, pumping test records from the Alberta Water Well Information Database were ... Show Abstract

Hughes, A.T.  Smerdon, B.D.  Alessi, D.S.  2017-02-23