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Alberta clays and shales : summary of ceramic properties

Ceramic test data for more than 200 deposits of clays and shales in Alberta resulted largely from early investigations of the Federal Department of Mines (1912-15, 1932) supplemented by more recent work of Alberta Research ... Show Abstract

Hamilton, W.N.  Babet, P.H.  1975-03-01


Alberta Bentonites

Low yields, high grit content, or thick overburden reduce the desirability of other deposits.The paucity of glass shards and the mineralogy of the sand and silt fractions suggest rhyodacite as the composition of the parent volcanic ash for each ... Show Abstract

Scafe, D.W.  1975-01-01


Calcium and magnesium in Alberta brines

Calcium and magnesium in Alberta brines Approximately 850 subsurface brines from Alberta containing more than 20,000 mg/L calcium and more than 3,000 mg/L magnesium were studied to determine their commercial potential. Knowledge of the regional ... Show Abstract

Hitchon, B.  Holter, M.E.  1971-11-01

SPE 072

Basement structure in central and southern Alberta: insights from gravity and magnetic maps

Identification of brittle faults in the Alberta Basin is critical to hydrocarbon and mineral exploration, as well as to greenhouse-gas geological sequestration studies. The present study used regional, publicly available gravity and aeromagnetic ... Show Abstract

Lyatsky, H.V.  Pana, D.I.  Grobe, M.  2005-10-01

BUL 050

Petrographic studies of coals from Alberta plains

Eleven coal regions in the Alberta plains, identified suitable as feedstock for on-site conversion by liquefaction and pyrolysis, were analyzed for their petrographic composition and rank determination by reflectance analysis. Reflectivities ... Show Abstract

Parkash, S.  1985-01-01

BUL 021

Stratigraphy and Petrology of the Lower Cretaceous Blairmore and Mannville Groups, Alberta Foothills and Plains

The upper unit consists of lensing, grey, siliceous sandstone, siltstone, and varicoloured shale, grading up in the southernmost Foothills into a thick succession of bedded pyroclastic detritus (Crowsnest Member ).These beds grade laterally in the ... Show Abstract

Mellon, G.B.  1967-01-01

GEO 2005-08

Horseshoe Canyon - Bearpaw Transition and Correlation of Associated Coal Zones across the Alberta Plains

The Horseshoe Canyon Formation contains about 40% of the total coalbed methane gas resources of the Upper Cretaceous-Tertiary succession, of which about 58% are hosted by the Drumheller and the Basal coal zones. At least five major flooding ... Show Abstract

Chen, D.  Langenberg, C.W.  Beaton, A.P.  2005-09-01

MAP 423

Surficial Geology of the South Whitesand River Area, Alberta (NTS84O/S)

Surficial Geology of the South Whitesand River Area, Alberta (NTS84O/S) The map was prepared by airphoto interpretation of 1:60 000-scale images flown in 1994. There was no ground-truthing. Place Keywords 84o alberta alberta plains canada caribou ... Show Abstract

Mougeot, C.  2009-04-02

MAP 541

Surficial Geology of the Whitesand River Area, Alberta (NTS 84O)

Surficial Geology of the Whitesand River Area, Alberta (NTS 84O) The map was prepared by airphoto interpretation together with limited ground-truthing. The airphotos within Wood Buffalo National Park were flown in 1975 (scale 1:54,000). The ... Show Abstract

Mougeot, C.  Fenton, M.M.  2010-04-01

ESR 1985-01

Coal quality and rank variation within Upper Cretaceous and Tertiary sediments, Alberta plains region

Near-surface coals in the Alberta plains occur in Upper Cretaceous and Tertiary sediments of the Belly River Group, Horseshoe Canyon, Wapiti and Paskapoo Formations. Statistical techniques were used to document both the distribution of, and the ... Show Abstract

Nurkowski, J.R.  1985-01-01

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