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ESR 2000-07

An Atlas of Lithofacies of the McMurray Formation, Athabasca Oil Sands Deposit, Northeastern Alberta: Surface and Subsurface

Facies analysis indicates that the Lower Cretaceous McMurray Formation was deposited and reworked as fluvial, estuarine and coastal plain sediments within an evolving landscape that changed form incised-valley fills carved on a regional ... Show Abstract

Hein, F.J.  Cotterill, D.K.  Berhane, H.  2000-06-01

ESR 2006-06

Subsurface Geology of the Athabasca Wabiskaw-McMurray Succession: Lewis-Fort McMurray Area, Northeastern Alberta (NTS 74D/14)

Cross-section grids were completed within the Lewis area, which were linked on a larger scale with the Regional Geological Study (RGS) main and north study areas, completed by the EUB in 2003. The informal stratigraphic nomenclature for the Lewis ... Show Abstract

Hein, F.J.  Cotterill, D.K.  Rice, R.J.  Parallax Resources Ltd.  2006-09-01

OFR 2015-06

Mapping Formation-Top Offsets in the Athabasca Oil Sands Area, Alberta: Methodology and Results

The sub-Cretaceous unconformity represents approximately 220 Ma of non-deposition, erosion, and karstification, which resulted in active and relict sinkholes, enlarged joints, and faults related to the dissolution of halite in the Devonian Prairie ... Show Abstract

Mei, S.  Haug, K.  Schneider, C.L.  Greene, P.  2015-06-24