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REP 47

Annual Report of the Research Council of Alberta: 1945

Annual Report of the Research Council of Alberta: 1945 The annual report lists the Research Council of Alberta's projects for 1945, including bituminous sand, fuels, clay, soil and natural gas. Place Keywords 72e 72l 72m 73d 73e 73l 73m 74d 74e ... Show Abstract

Research Council of Alberta  1946-03-01

BUL 039

Soil Survey and Interpretations of the Wapiti map area, Alberta

Aerial photographs and topographic maps (1:50 000) established soil and topographic boundaries. The first sections of the report outline historical, natural resource and economic highlights of the area. The final portion of the report outlines ... Show Abstract

Twardy, A.G.  Corns, I.G.  1980-01-01

ESR 1981-01

Guidebook for use with soil survey reports of Alberta provincial parks and recreation areas

Outdoor recreation areas must be designed for use without undue deterioration of soil, vegetation, and water resources. Pertinent soil and landscape characteristics need to be recognized.Soil surveys provide for the systematic examination of soils ... Show Abstract

Greenlee, G.M.  1983-01-01

OFR 1984-01

Soil Survey of Designated Areas in the Kakwa Falls Region and Interpretation for Recreational Use

Soil interpretations of each map unit are made for primitive camping areas, fully serviced campgrounds, picnic areas, paths, trails, lawns and landscaping, buildings, septic tank absorption fields, trench type sanitary landfills, road location, ... Show Abstract

Greenlee, G.M.  1983-01-01