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MEM 01

Geology of the McMurray Formation. Part III, General geology of the McMurray area

In this area, the Mesozoic strata which outcrop in the Athabasca River Valley hold the world�s greatest known reserve of oil and the underlying Paleozoic strata contain notable deposits of halite and gypsum at moderate depth. A description of ... Show Abstract

Carrigy, M.A.  1959-01-01

REP 45

Annual Report of the Research Council of Alberta: 1944

Annual Report of the Research Council of Alberta: 1944 The annual report lists the Research Council of Alberta's projects for 1944, including bituminous sand, natural resources, salt deposits, natural gas and silica sand. Place Keywords 72e 72l ... Show Abstract

Research Council of Alberta  1945-03-01

BUL 029

Salt in East-Central Alberta

Rock salt (sodium chloride) deposits of commercial thickness and purity underlie a large area in east-central and northeastern Alberta, extending into extreme northwest parts of the province. The deposits form part of the Middle Devonian Elk Point ... Show Abstract

Hamilton, W.N.  1971-01-01

INF 006

Occurrences of Common Salt in Alberta

In recent years the drilling of holes in the search for oil and gas accumulations has shown that deposits of rock salt have a wide extent in East Central Alberta. The discovery of these deposits has resulted in the construction of plants for the ... Show Abstract

Crockford, M.B.B.  1949-11-01

ESR 2000-02

Distribution and thickness of salt within the Devonian Elk Point Group, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

Data processing and the application of mapping software resulted in the refinement of the some of the salt boundaries and the production of basin-scale depth to, structure, and isopach maps for the Elk Point salt units. Furthermore, available ... Show Abstract

Grobe, M.  2000-01-01

ESR 1972-07

Soil survey for urban development, Edmonton, Alberta

Four soil associations - Ellerslie, Mill Woods, Argyll and Hercules - were distinguished; these are Chernozemic, Solonetzic, Alkaline Solonetz and Humic Gleysol soils, respectively. Ellerslie associated soils are a good top soil source and will ... Show Abstract

Lindsay, J.D.  Scheelar, M.D.  1972-01-01

ESR 1958-05

Sodium Sulfate Deposits in Alberta

A reconnaissance investigation of naturally occurring sodium sulfate in Alberta was carried out during the summer of l958 and, on the whole, the general character of the alkali lakes of Alberta seems to be similar to that of the Saskatchewan lakes ... Show Abstract

Govett, G.J.S.  1958-01-01

ESR 1958-02

Industrial Minerals of Alberta

Industrial minerals form an integral part of an expanding industrial economy, and an adequate and accessible supply is essential for the full development of any region. Because of comparatively low value per unit weight or volume, evaluation of ... Show Abstract

Govett, G.J.S.  Byrne, P.J.S.  1958-01-01

OFR 2009-20

Preliminary Investigation of Potash Potential in Alberta

Preliminary Investigation of Potash Potential in Alberta The same cannot be said for potash, a potassium-bearing impurity of salt, for which the neighbouring province of Saskatchewan is the worldwide leader in potash production. Renewed interest ... Show Abstract

Eccles, D.R.  Al-Souqi, M.  Grattan, K.  Dufresne, M.B.  2010-01-12

DIG 2003-0014

Alberta industrial mineral deposits and occurrences (GIS data, point features)

Alberta industrial mineral deposits and occurrences (GIS data, point features) The AMDO (Alberta Mineral Deposits and Occurrences) application was created by the Minerals and Coal Geoscience Section of the Alberta Geological Survey as a database ... Show Abstract

Price, M.  Hamilton, W.N.  Fildes, B.J.  2010-07-29