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OFR 1994-20

Quaternary Stratigraphy and Surficial Geology Peace River-Winagami Region Year One Report For The End Fiscal Year 1993-94

Abstract: A reconnaissance survey of the southern half of the Peace River map area (84C/w 1/2) revealed the presence of predominantly two types of surficial glacial deposit they are: morainal and glaciolacustrine. Surficial moraine deposits that are thicker than 4 m are present in generally low lying areas and some are believed to overly deeply buried preglacial valleys. Indicator minerals were picked from thick (>10 m) till units intersected in two separate drill holes (BH-01 and -04). Surficial glaciolacustrine deposits, generally confined to the area south and east of the Peace River, range from 4 to 10 m thick and can be as much as 30 m thick locally. Synthesis of the Quaternary stratigraphy and glacial history is ongoing. Stratigraphic and geomorphic evidence collected to date, suggests that a single glacial advance has affected the area. A second field season in 1994 is planned.The Quaternary geology and stratigraphy of the Winagami region (NTS 83N/w1/2) is consistent with at least one major ice advance. Distribution of the surface units and ice directional land forms indicate a strong southwest ice movement direction. Most of the surficial deposits are associated with ice stagnation and deglaciation. Ice-contact stagnation, glaciolacustrine and aeolian deposits are really extensive and can exceed 20 m in thickness. Stratigraphic correlation of the upper Quaternary units between boreholes and large sections increases in complexity towards the north of the map area. The lowermost glacial unit in all cores is a dark grey massive till. Preliminary lithologic identification of the clasts in the till indicate a Canadian Shield origin. The thickness of Quaternary deposits varies, ranging from a few metres near Reno to well over 30 m in the southeast of the map area. Bedrock topography is irregular due to the presence of several large paleochannels. Place Keywords 83k 83n alberta canada Theme Keywords quaternary stratigraphy surficial

Balzer, S.A.  Leslie, L.E.  Fenton, M.M.  1994-10-01