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ESR 2001-05

Major- and Trace- Element Geochemistry of Kimberlitic Rocks in Northern Alberta

Abstract: During the 1990s, kimberlitic rocks were discovered in three separate areas of northern Alberta. These pipes comprise mainly lapilli-bearing olivine crystal tuff and volcaniclastic rocks that are interpreted to be pyroclastic crater facies. Eighty-three bulk rock samples were collected from the Mountain Lake cluster, and Buffalo Head Hills and Birch Mountains fields for analysis of major and trace elements. To place these data in context, the compositions are compared to kimberlite and ultramafic occurrences worldwide.This report provides data that allow for geochemical distinction between kimberlitic fields in northern Alberta. Samples from the Mountain Lake pipes and the Buffalo Head Hills and Birch Mountains fields contain low SiO2 and Na2O/K2O, with Cr, Ni, MgO, rare-earth elements (REE), Zr and Nb concentrations elevated relative to their abundance in common crustal rocks.Samples from the Buffalo Head Hills and Birch Mountains have close geochemical affinities with Group I South African kimberlites. Of the two areas, the Buffalo Head Hills kimberlites contain the highest MgO, Cr and Ni, the lowest Al 2O3, SiO2, V, Y, Pb, Sr and Ga values, and have chemistry similar to that of primitive kimberlite in the Northwest Territories. In addition, a high proportion of the Buffalo Head Hills kimberlites are diamondiferous. The Buffalo Head Hills field may therefore be classified as the more primitive kimberlite magma in this dataset. In contrast, the Birch Mountains kimberlites are more evolved, with lower SiO2, Ni and Mg#, and higher Fe2O3, TiO2, Nb, V, Sc, Zr, Hf, Y, Ba, Rb, light rare-earth elements (LREE), Ga and Pb.A linear trend is found for northern Alberta kimberlite, which reflects compositional evolution from primitive to evolved kimberlite magmas. Northern Alberta pipes with elevated contents of diamonds generally have similar chemistry and reside on the primitive end of this trend line. This study will therefore enable exploration companies to compare future discoveries of kimberlite with these results for a quick and economical evaluation of a prospective target.The Mountain Lake pipes are not kimberlite, but rather a hybrid rock with geochemical affinities to basanite (olivine potassic basalt), the Sweet Grass olivine minette and Montana alnoite. Compared to northern Alberta kimberlite (Buffalo Head Hills and Birch Mountains), the Mountain Lake pipes contain higher SiO2, Al2O3, Na2O, K2O, Na2O/K2O, Ga, Rb and peralkalinity index, and lower MgO, Nb, LREE and Sr. Place Keywords 73m 74d 74e 74l 74m 83m 83n 83o 83p 84a 84b 84c 84d 84e 84f 84g 84h 84i 84j 84k 84l 84m 84n 84o 84p alberta birch mountains buffalo head hills canada Theme Keywords digital data geochemistry geology kimberlite

Eccles, D.R.  Luth, R.W.  2003-05-01

ESR 2000-08

Diamond and Metallic-Mineral Potential of the Peerless Lake Map Area, North-Central Alberta

A regional geochemical sampling program for diamond and metallic-mineral potential was completed during the summer of 1998 in the Peerless Lake map area, north-central Alberta. The area encompasses the 1997 discovery of diamondiferous kimberlites ... Show Abstract

Eccles, D.R.  Haynes, M.  Csanyi, W.  2001-08-01

ESR 2000-01

Structural-Emplacement Model for Kimberlitic Diatremes in Northern Alberta

The combination of aeromagnetic and Radarsat imagery, draped on a digital-elevation model, clearly depicts the relationship between kimberlite intrusions and the intersection of north- and northeast-trending fault sets observed at surface.A ... Show Abstract

Eccles, D.R.  Grobe, M.  Weiss, J.A.  Grunsky, E.  2002-01-01

ESR 2001-01

GIS Compilation of Structural Elements in Northern Alberta, Release 1.0

GIS Compilation of Structural Elements in Northern Alberta, Release 1.0 Recent discoveries of kimberlites and polymetallic mineralization in the sedimentary succession of the Alberta Basin have increased interest in the mineral potential of ... Show Abstract

Pana, D.I.  Waters, E.J.  Grobe, M.  2001-03-01

ESR 2001-20

Alberta Kimberlite-Indicator Mineral Geochemical Compilation

Alberta Kimberlite-Indicator Mineral Geochemical Compilation Since the initial discovery of a kimberlitic diatreme in northern Alberta, government and exploration companies have collected a plethora of bedrock, till and stream-sediment ... Show Abstract

Eccles, D.R.  Dufresne, M.B.  Copeland, D.A.  Csanyi, W.  Creighton, S.  2003-02-01

ESR 2005-01

Geochemical Orientation Surveys (Fiscal Year 2000-2001) for Kimberlites in Northern Alberta

Geochemical Orientation Surveys (Fiscal Year 2000-2001) for Kimberlites in Northern Alberta In northern Alberta, indicator mineral analysis may not be effective for detecting kimberlites because kimberlites are decoupled from streams draining ... Show Abstract

Seneshen, D.M.  Grunsky, E.  Rencz, A.  Hall, G.E.M.  Dunn, C.E.  2005-02-01

ESR 2005-05

Regional Stratigraphic Framework of Buffalo Head Hills-Peerless Lake Region, Northern Alberta

The Buffalo Head Hills-Peerless Lake (BHH-PL) region in northern Alberta is well known for its prolific oil and gas production. During the Paleozoic, the BHH-PL region was a shallow shelf to basinal marine setting and dominated by carbonate, shale ... Show Abstract

Chen, D.  Olson, R.A.  2005-12-23

ESR 2002-07

Petrographic Characteristics of Selected Kimberlitic Rocks in Northern Alberta

Five kimberlite pipes in the northern Alberta kimberlite province were selected for detailed petrography: K4 and K6 from the Buffalo Head Hills and Legend, Phoenix and Kendu from the Birch Mountains. The main objective is to complement and expand ... Show Abstract

Eccles, D.R.  2004-02-01