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BUL 038

The Hydrogeology of the Athabasca Oil Sands Area, Alberta

West of the fault, three hydrostratigraphic units are defined: 1.The K-O hydrostratigraphic unit, consisting of Holocene and Cretaceous sediments, is characterized by alternating vertical and horizontal groundwater flow controlled by zones of low ... Show Abstract

Hackbarth, D.A.  Nastasa, N.  1979-01-01

ESR 2007-01

Buried Channels and Glacial-Drift Aquifers in the Fort McMurray Region, Northeast Alberta

The understanding of the bedrock topography, buried bedrock valleys and channels, drift thickness and glacial aquifers in the surface-mineable and in situ-recoverable oil sands north of Fort McMurray has been updated by the acquisition and ... Show Abstract

Andriashek, L.D.  Atkinson, N.  2007-03-01

DIG 2006-0052

Quaternary Geology and Bedrock Subcrop of the Cold Lake to Ft. McMurray Area, Alberta - Surface Structure, Empress Formation Sand and Gravel (NTS 73L, M) (1:250 000-scale gridded data)

Quaternary Geology and Bedrock Subcrop of the Cold Lake to Ft. A digital grid of the top of the Empress Formation where present, or the topography of the surrounding landscape, where the formation is absent. The unit is originally modelled from ... Show Abstract

Andriashek, L.D.  2011-07-12