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OFR 2009-11

Simulation of Geothermal Flow in Deep Sedimentary Basins in Alberta

The associated interaction between heat flux and water flow is simulated numerically using an extended version of the HydroGeoSphere model that has been further developed.Alberta Geological Survey developed a groundwater model that numerically ... Show Abstract

Graf, T.  2009-07-10

OFR 1997-01

Basin-Scale Geology and Hydrogeology of Coalbed-Methane Bearing Strata in Rocky Mountain Sedimentary Basins

Except for the Black Warrior basin in Alabama, all major basins in the United States where coalbed methane is produced or have producibility potential are foreland Rocky Mountain sedimentary basins. Coalbed methane producibility depends in an ... Show Abstract

Bachu, S.  1997-09-01

OFR 1974-35

Hydrodat - A Computerized System Storage and Retrieval System for Seismic Shot-Hole Data

Hydrodat - A Computerized System Storage and Retrieval System for Seismic Shot-Hole Data Hydrodat is a computer oriented system for storing and retrieving seismic shot-hole data. The report consists of four sections: a description of how the basic ... Show Abstract

Bibby, R.  Neilson, W.J.  Orlecky, J.  1974-05-01

OFR 1969-01

Groundwater Availability in the Hamilton Lake Area, Alberta

Mr. G. W. Rolls, a local farmer, is concerned about the effect of groundwater withdrawal by oil companies on his groundwater supply and asks if recharge will be sufficient to meet withdrawal. To consider the effects of additional withdrawal of ... Show Abstract

LeBreton, E.G.  1969-04-01

OFR 1967-02

Instructions for using the Hydrodat Computer-Oriented System for the Storage and Retrieval of Groundwater Data

The ever-increasing volume of geologic and hydrologic data being collected by the Groundwater Division required that a system of storage and retrieval be devised to handle these data in an efficient and economical manner.The HYDRODAT ... Show Abstract

Turner, W.R.  1967-02-01

OFR 1970-02

Criteria for Selection of Sites for Solid Waste Disposal

Any form of garbage dump, nuisance grounds, refuse disposal site or sanitary landfill operation will cause three basic kinds of pollution. [...]a new approach to disposal of city refuses must be found.The conversion of city refuse to useful ... Show Abstract

Green, R.  Currie, D.V.  1970-06-01