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SPE 098

Baseline Investigations into the Groundwater Resources of the Athabasca Oil Sands (In Situ) Area, Northeast Alberta

Abstract: This report summarizes work done in 2002 by Alberta Geological Survey on a Western Economic Partnership Agreement-funded project to conduct baseline investigations into the groundwater resources of the Athabasca Oil Sands (in situ) area in northeast Alberta. The report comprises 10 chapters of interpretations and results and eight appendices containing geological and hydrogeological data, methods, procedures and protocols, and other supplementary reports. Chapter 1 outlines the important role that groundwater plays in the development of oil sands in northern Alberta. Chapter 2 presents a conceptual framework for groundwater resource assessments. Chapter 3 sets the physical stage for the study by outlining the major topographic and physiographic features that influence groundwater recharge and discharge in the region. Chapter 4 provides the approaches used to evaluate the inputs (recharge) and outputs (discharge) of groundwater flow. Chapter 5 presents the results of a terrain analysis of the surficial geology, as determined by an aerial photograph interpretation of the landscape. Chapters 6 and 7 outline the bedrock topography and geology of the unconsolidated drift (Quaternary sediments) that lies above the bedrock surface in the study area. Chapter 8 presents the results of the investigation into the groundwater of the drift (Quaternary) succession. Chapter 9 presents the results of the investigation into deeper hydrostratigraphic horizons, specifically the water within the Upper Mannville Group. Chapter 10 lists the groundwater issues specific to the major oil sands unit in the study area of the McMurray Formation. Place Keywords 73l 73m 74d 74e 83i 83o 83p 84a 84b 84g 84h alberta athabasca oil sands canada northeast alberta Theme Keywords aquifers bedrock topography geology groundwater groundwater flow groundwater resources mannville group mcmurray formation radarsat spring surficial geology

Andriashek, L.D.  Parks, K.  2002-06-01

MEM 02

Geology and groundwater resources of the Milk River sandstone in Southern Alberta

When the general decline of water levels in many of the deep wells in southern Alberta warned of a serious future problem, the Alberta Federation of Agriculture requested the Research Council of Alberta to investigate the groundwater conditions in ... Show Abstract

Meyboom, P.  1960-01-01

SPE 074

Regional Groundwater Resource Appraisal, Cold Lake-Beaver River Drainage Basin, Alberta

Regional Groundwater Resource Appraisal, Cold Lake-Beaver River Drainage Basin, Alberta The Alberta Geological Survey (AGS) of the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board (EUB) has partnered with Alberta Environment (AENV) Northern Region to compile and ... Show Abstract

Parks, K.  Andriashek, L.D.  Michael, K.  Lemay, T.G.  Stewart, S.A.  Jean, G.M.  Kempin, E.  2005-02-01

INF 127

Geoscape Calgary

A dynamic landscape surrounds us, the product of ancient mountain building, succeeding ice ages, and river erosion. To our west, the Rocky Mountains bring warm Chinook winds, abundant water, and recreational opportunities unparalled on ... Show Abstract

Poulton, T.P.  Neumar, T.  Osborn, G.  Edwards, W.A.D.  Wozniak, P.  2002-01-01

BUL 035

Contributions to the Hydrogeology of Alberta

Information includes map production procedures, description of reconnaissance maps and description of how the maps were used in the program. The program planned to publish hydrogeological maps of the groundwater conditions and their controlling ... Show Abstract

Toth, J.  Ozoray, G.F.  Wallick, E.I.  Bibby, R.  Gabert, G.M.  Stein, R.  Lytviak, A.T.  1977-01-01

BUL 008

Groundwater Resources of the City of Calgary and Vicinity

The Research Council of Alberta started this groundwater study within the framework of a much larger program toward completing an assessment of the groundwater resources of Alberta. Groundwater in the Calgary area is of the bicarbonate type and the ... Show Abstract

Meyboom, P.  1961-01-01

BUL 031

Hydrogeology of Red Deer and Vicinity, Alberta

The field program comprised the drilling of 17 test holes totaling 7 906 feet, 33 bail tests, 3 long pump tests, the collection of 108 water samples, and the measurement of water levels nd water temperatures. A two-dimensional, quantitative flow ... Show Abstract

Gabert, G.M.  1975-01-01

BUL 024

A Hydrogeological Study of the Three Hills Area, Alberta

Information concerning the geology and groundwater was obtained from eological reports, oil-company records, a water-well survey, and ifteen drilled and tested bore holes, providing an average density of points of various observations of ... Show Abstract

Toth, J.  1968-01-01

BUL 017

Groundwater Geology, Movement, Chemistry, and Resources near Olds, Alberta

During 1964 the Research Council of Alberta carried out a groundwater exploration program to alleviate a water shortage problem in the town of Olds, a central Alberta farming community with a population of 3,000. The geological investigations ... Show Abstract

Toth, J.  1966-01-01

BUL 013

Groundwater Geology and Hydrology of East-Central Alberta

Groundwater Geology and Hydrology of East-Central Alberta The available data have been evaluated to outline areas of large, moderate and small groundwater supply. The report also delineates those parts of east-central Alberta where further ... Show Abstract

LeBreton, E.G.  1963-01-01