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INF 140

Edmonton-Calgary Corridor Groundwater Atlas

Abstract: This groundwater-mapping atlas focuses on the Edmonton-Calgary Corridor (ECC) and examines fresh groundwater based on its geological, hydrological and hydrochemical properties. It will help Albertans better understand the province's groundwater resources by describing the groundwater-mapping processes used to map these resources, starting with a description of the physical and chemical properties of groundwater, and then providing details of the results of the mapping work.The atlas has the following sections:- introduction- bedrock geology,- surficial geology,- hydrology,- hydrogeology, - hydrochemistry, and- summary.Each section summarizes the work that AGS completed for the ECC groundwater-mapping project and provides a short summary of the methods used to create the various maps. Place Keywords 82o 82p 83a 83b 83g 83h 83i 83j alberta calgary canada edmonton edmonton calgary corridor red deer Theme Keywords bedrock chemistry geology geophysics groundwater hydrochemistry hydrology mapping sediments surficial

Alberta EnvironmentBarker, A.A.  Riddell, J.T.F.  Slattery, S.R.  Andriashek, L.D.  Moktan, H.  Wallace, S.  Lyster, S.  Jean, G.  Huff, G.F.  Stewart, S.A.  Lemay, T.G.  2011-11-10