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MAP 600

Bedrock Geology of Alberta

The geology of the Rocky Mountains and the Rocky Mountain Foothills is also the product of compilation with rare instances of new geological interpretation (e.g., the interpretation of bedrock geology beneath drift-filled valleys). The Cretaceous ... Show Abstract

Prior, G.J.  Hathway, B.  Glombick, P.M.  Pana, D.I.  Banks, C.J.  Hay, D.C.  Schneider, C.L.  Grobe, M.  Elgr, R.  Weiss, J.A.  2013-06-17

OFR 2015-06

Mapping Formation-Top Offsets in the Athabasca Oil Sands Area, Alberta: Methodology and Results

The sub-Cretaceous unconformity represents approximately 220 Ma of non-deposition, erosion, and karstification, which resulted in active and relict sinkholes, enlarged joints, and faults related to the dissolution of halite in the Devonian Prairie ... Show Abstract

Mei, S.  Haug, K.  Schneider, C.L.  Greene, P.  2015-06-24