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3D PGF Model v2

3D Provincial Geological Framework Model of Alberta, Version 2 (methodology, model, dataset, multiple files)

Version 2 of the three-dimensional Provincial Geological Framework Model of Alberta (3D PGF model v2) is a 3D representation of the subsurface under 602 825 km2 of the province of Alberta, excluding parts of western Alberta affected by Cordilleran ... Show Abstract

Alberta Geological Survey  2019-01-31

OFR 2019-06

A Risk-Based Methodology for Commingled Well Abandonment - Southeastern Alberta Gas Field Case Study

The intent of these requirements is to prevent any unwanted impacts on the environment through gas or fluid migration, and on the ability of resource production companies to produce their fair share of hydrocarbon resources. The AER and Alberta ... Show Abstract

Lemay, T.G.  Singh, A.  Parks, K.  Wiersma, A.  Palombi, D.  Babakhani, M.  Berhane, H.  Hathway, B.  Vermeulen, P.  Marsman, A.  2019-08-16