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OFR 2018-05

Cenozoic Stratigraphy of Northwestern Alberta (parts of NTS 83M-O and 84B-G)

Stratigraphic correlations of Cenozoic units were made on cross-sections using lithology data from water-well records, previously recorded data from outcrop and boreholes, and re-examined core. The Cenozoic stratigraphy of northwestern Alberta has ... Show Abstract

Slomka, J.M.  2018-07-23

OFR 2014-10

Three-Dimensional Hydrostratigraphic Modelling of the Sylvan Lake Sub-Basin in the Edmonton-Calgary Corridor, Central Alberta

The Sylvan Lake sub-basin (SLSB) regional scale groundwater study in central Alberta produced a multilayer hydrostratigraphic model representing the vertical and lateral distribution of depositional patterns in the study area. The SLSB was selected ... Show Abstract

Atkinson, L.A.  Glombick, P.M.  2015-02-03