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OFR 2008-07

Turtle Mountain Field Laboratory: 2007 Data and Activity Summary

The report is meant to be brief, with the more detailed scientific results being presented in peer-reviewed journals and conference publications.Since 2005, Alberta Geological Survey has reviewed the near-real-time data stream from a sensor network ... Show Abstract

Moreno, F.  Froese, C.R.  2008-12-02

OFR 2015-09

Turtle Mountain Field Laboratory, Alberta (NTS 82G): 2013 Data and Activity Summary

The second section provides data analysis for the primary, secondary, and non-operational instruments. Since weather factors have affected some of the sensors, this discussion focuses only on the sensors that have provided reliable annual ... Show Abstract

Warren, J.E.  Wood, D. E.  Chao, D.K.  Shipman, T.C.  2016-02-22