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MEM 01

Geology of the McMurray Formation. Part III, General geology of the McMurray area

Abstract: This report describes the geology of an area located in the northeastern quarter of Alberta. In this area, the Mesozoic strata which outcrop in the Athabasca River Valley hold the world�s greatest known reserve of oil and the underlying Paleozoic strata contain notable deposits of halite and gypsum at moderate depth. A description of the geology of the rocks that contain these valuable resources has considerable interest from the economic view. Inferences about the geology of the McMurray area have been drawn from the information obtained from Wildcat oil wells drilled in a contiguous area bounded by latitudes 55 and 59 degrees north and longitudes 110 and 114 degrees west. Place Keywords 72e 82h alberta athabasca oil sands area athabasca river canada fort mcmurray Theme Keywords anhydrite crude oil dolomite geography geology gypsum halite limestone maps mcmurray formation mesozoic oil paleozoic salt silica stratigraphy tectonic structures

Carrigy, M.A.  1959-01-01

MEM 02

Geology and groundwater resources of the Milk River sandstone in Southern Alberta

When the general decline of water levels in many of the deep wells in southern Alberta warned of a serious future problem, the Alberta Federation of Agriculture requested the Research Council of Alberta to investigate the groundwater conditions in ... Show Abstract

Meyboom, P.  1960-01-01