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ESR 1957-03

Glacial Geology Galahad-Hardisty District, Alberta

Abstract: This report presents preliminary results of mapping surficial deposits of the Galahad-Hardisty district in east-central Alberta. The distribution of the deposits in this district is shown on two maps, on a scale of one inch to one mile: (1) 57-3A, Galahad district, and (2) 57-3B, Hardisty district. The Galahad district is made up of flat to gently rolling ground moraine. The topography of the district has been modified by debris-filled meltwater channels (stream trenches) which are numerous in the eastern portion of the area. The western portion of the Hardisty district is composed of gently rolling ground moraine which has been severely modified by a great number of anastomosing stream-trenches. The central portion of the same district is crossed from north to south by a hummocky dead-ice moraine and the Battle River. The eastern portion of the Hardisty district, including the area surrounding the town of Hardisty, is covered with glacial outwash. East of the hummocky dead-ice moraine the outwash has been modified by wind action and as a result is covered in places with extensive U-shaped dunes. The glacial deposits of the Galahad-Hardisty district and adjacent districts to the north and south--the Sedgewick and Alliance-Brownfield districts, respectively, were developed from stagnant ice. Hence the glacial history of the Galahad-Hardisty district is interpreted in terms of large scale down-wasting and stagnation of the last glacier to cover the district. Results of a shallow drilling program and a description of gravel deposits of the district are given at the end of the report. Place Keywords 73d alberta galahad hardisty Theme Keywords bedrock eolian eskers glacial geology glaciolacustrine kames moraines outwash spillways till

Bayrock, L.A.  1958-01-01

ESR 1957-02

Glacial Geology Alliance-Brownfield District Alberta

The eastern part of the Alliance-Brownfield district is made up of hummocky dead-ice moraine and the western part is a relatively flat till plain, the Torlea flats (Warren, 1937). [...]covers most of the surface of the area, and other glacial and ... Show Abstract

Bayrock, L.A.  1958-01-01

ESR 1967-04

Surficial Geology of the Wainwright Area (East Half), Alberta

The Wainwright area lies within the east-central Alberta Plains, a relatively flat, glaciated area underlain by gentle dipping detrital strata of Late Cretaceous age. In most parts of the area, bedrock is overlain by till, as ground or hummocky ... Show Abstract

Bayrock, L.A.  1967-01-01