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ESR 1979-01

Hydrogeology of the Sand River Area, Alberta

The hydrogeology of the aquifers in the uppermost 1,000 feet (about 300 m) of the Sand River area is described. Maps and profiles were constructed from existing data and from data collected by a field survey and drilling and testing ... Show Abstract

Ozoray, G.F.  Wallick, E.I.  Lytviak, A.T.  1980-01-01

ESR 1984-08

Spatial and temporal variations in Groundwater chemistry of shallow aquifers in the Sand River area, Alberta

Groundwater samples from shallow (less than 80 m) wells in the Sand River area (NTS 73L) were collected and chemically analyzed in August 1974 and in March 1975 to assess the magnitude of seasonal variation of groundwater composition. The means and ... Show Abstract

Wallick, E.I.  1984-01-01