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ESR 1979-05

Hydrogeology of the Peerless Lake area, Alberta

Abstract: The Peerless Lake map area (NTS 84B) is situated in north-central Alberta. The area is sparsely populated and access is poor.The area is covered by thick surficial deposits, primarily of glacial origin, overlying Cretaceous shales. Yields of up to 38 l/sec (500 igpm) may be obtained from glaciofluvial deposits. The greatest yields are available from preglacial sands and gravels located in portions of the Misaw and Atikameg Buried Valleys. In general, the bedrock is a poor aquifer yielding usually less than 0.4 l/sec (5 igpm).Groundwater from surficial deposits is predominantly the calcium/magnesium bicarbonate type with an average total dissolved solids concentration of 1000 mg/l. Muskeg waters chemically resemble waters from surficial deposits, but total dissolved solids concentration rarely exceeds 250 mg/l. Bedrock groundwaters are the sodium/potassium-chloride type with an average total dissolved solids concentration of over 2000 mg/l. Place Keywords 84b alberta peerless lake Theme Keywords aquifers groundwater hydrogeology

Ceroici, W.J.  1979-01-01

ESR 2000-08

Diamond and Metallic-Mineral Potential of the Peerless Lake Map Area, North-Central Alberta

A regional geochemical sampling program for diamond and metallic-mineral potential was completed during the summer of 1998 in the Peerless Lake map area, north-central Alberta. The area encompasses the 1997 discovery of diamondiferous kimberlites ... Show Abstract

Eccles, D.R.  Haynes, M.  Csanyi, W.  2001-08-01

ESR 2005-05

Regional Stratigraphic Framework of Buffalo Head Hills-Peerless Lake Region, Northern Alberta

The Buffalo Head Hills-Peerless Lake (BHH-PL) region in northern Alberta is well known for its prolific oil and gas production. During the Paleozoic, the BHH-PL region was a shallow shelf to basinal marine setting and dominated by carbonate, shale ... Show Abstract

Chen, D.  Olson, R.A.  2005-12-23