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ESR 1976-04

Hydrogeology of the Grande Prairie Area, Alberta

The Grande Prairie map area is located between longitudes 118 degrees west and 120 degrees west and latitudes 55 degrees north and 56 degrees north. Precipitation is about 18 inches (46 cm) annually while the potential evapotranspiration is about ... Show Abstract

Hackbarth, D.A.  1977-01-01

ESR 1988-01

Soil survey of Saskatoon Island Provincial Park and interpretation for recreational use

Summers are cool and short, having less than four months with an average temperature above 10�C; the average temperature of the coldest month is below -3�C. The study area is situated in the mixed-wood section of the boreal forest region, ... Show Abstract

Greenlee, G.M.  1988-01-01

ESR 1977-04

Groundwater conditions in the Grande Prairie-Beaverlodge area, Alberta

The data did not warrant explicit investigation to greater depths.Maps showing the distribution of total dissolved solids, calcium, magnesium, hardness, sodium, potassium, carbonate, bicarbonate, alkalinity, sulfate, chloride, and fluoride are ... Show Abstract

Hackbarth, D.A.  1978-01-01

ESR 1959-03

Iron Occurrences in the Peace River Region, Alberta

Iron Occurrences in the Peace River Region, Alberta Since 1955 when Premier Steel Mills Limited started operations in Edmonton, interest in the establishment of a basic iron and steel industry in Alberta has increased. The chief iron occurrences ... Show Abstract

Kidd, D.J.  1959-01-01