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ESR 2000-11

Suitability of the Alberta Subsurface for Carbon Dioxide Sequestration in Geological Media

Sequestration of anthropogenic CO2 in geological media is a potential solution to the release into the atmosphere of CO2, a greenhouse gas. Basically, there are five ways of sequestering CO2 in geological media: 1) through enhanced oil recovery ... Show Abstract

Bachu, S.  Brulotte, M.  Grobe, M.  Stewart, S.A.  2000-03-01

ESR 2000-01

Structural-Emplacement Model for Kimberlitic Diatremes in Northern Alberta

The combination of aeromagnetic and Radarsat imagery, draped on a digital-elevation model, clearly depicts the relationship between kimberlite intrusions and the intersection of north- and northeast-trending fault sets observed at surface.A ... Show Abstract

Eccles, D.R.  Grobe, M.  Weiss, J.A.  Grunsky, E.  2002-01-01

ESR 2001-01

GIS Compilation of Structural Elements in Northern Alberta, Release 1.0

GIS Compilation of Structural Elements in Northern Alberta, Release 1.0 Recent discoveries of kimberlites and polymetallic mineralization in the sedimentary succession of the Alberta Basin have increased interest in the mineral potential of ... Show Abstract

Pana, D.I.  Waters, E.J.  Grobe, M.  2001-03-01

ESR 2000-02

Distribution and thickness of salt within the Devonian Elk Point Group, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

Data processing and the application of mapping software resulted in the refinement of the some of the salt boundaries and the production of basin-scale depth to, structure, and isopach maps for the Elk Point salt units. Furthermore, available ... Show Abstract

Grobe, M.  2000-01-01