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BUL 018

Lithology of the Athabasca Oil Sands

Coarse grained quartzose oil sand with a conspicuous clay matrix cemented in places by quartz and goethite lie at the base of the McMurray Formation and are probably pre-McMurray in age.Most of the lithologic features observable in the Athabasca Oil ... Show Abstract

Carrigy, M.A.  1966-01-01

BUL 038

The Hydrogeology of the Athabasca Oil Sands Area, Alberta

West of the fault, three hydrostratigraphic units are defined: 1.The K-O hydrostratigraphic unit, consisting of Holocene and Cretaceous sediments, is characterized by alternating vertical and horizontal groundwater flow controlled by zones of low ... Show Abstract

Hackbarth, D.A.  Nastasa, N.  1979-01-01

BUL 046

Oil Sands Geology - Athabasca Deposit North

In the western part of the study area, significant reserves occur in laterally extensive marine bar sands at the top of the McMurray formation and at the base of the overlying Clearwater Formation.The McMurray Formation was deposited in a ... Show Abstract

Flach, P.D.  1984-01-01