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SPE 061

Phases 1 to 4 Extech Study of the Early Proterozoic Athabasca Group, Northeastern Alberta

Fifty-five diamond drillholes (DDH) within the Alberta portion of the Athabasca Basin were reviewed.The Athabasca Group is subdivided into six formations within Alberta, which are, from base to top, the Fair Point, Manitou Falls, Lazenby Lake, ... Show Abstract

Ramaekers, P.  2003-12-01

ESR 2003-01

Stratigraphy and sedimentology of the Athabasca Group in the Net Lake-Maybelle River area, northeastern Alberta

Deposition of the Fair Point Formation commenced with shallow lacustrine sedimentation in fault-controlled paleovalleys that were subsequently infilled with locally derived pebble conglomerate. The overlying Manitou Falls Formation consists of a ... Show Abstract

Post, Ryan  2004-12-01

ESR 2004-01

Sequence stratigraphy and its use for uranium exploration in the western Athabasca Basin of Alberta and Saskatchewan

[...]the overlying Lower and Upper Wolverine Point sequences were probably more widespread beyond the present-day margins of the Athabasca Basin. The uppermost Locker Lake-Otherside sequence, although not complete, represents a late normal ... Show Abstract

Collier, B.  2005-05-01