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INF 143

Hydrogeological Field Notes by Dr. Jozsef Toth 1964-1969, Central and Southern Alberta

Three parallel lines, 50 km apart, were drawn in a southwest to northeast direction on 10 1:250 000 maps, parallel to the structural dip of the Alberta basin. The reason for keeping the text as original as possible is that it is a rare opportunity ... Show Abstract

Toth, J.  2014-08-22

ESR 1979-07

Hydrogeology of the Edson area, Alberta

The hydrogeology of the Edson map area can be discussed with respect to three physiographic regions: the Interior Plains, the Rocky Mountain Foothills, and the front ranges of the Rocky Mountains.In the interior Plains, fractured sandstones of the ... Show Abstract

Vogwill, R.I.J.  1983-01-01

OFR 1966-02

The Preglacial Edson Buried-Valley Aquifer

The Groundwater Division of the Research Council of Alberta has participated since 1959 in the discovery, exploration, and testing of the preglacial Edson buried-valley aquifer. Single wells completed within it are estimated to be capable of ... Show Abstract

Lennox, D.H.  1966-10-01