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SPE 092

Subsurface Characterization of the Edmonton-Area Acid-Gas Injection Operations

Acid gas dissolved in water in the Redwater oil field, and the resulting weak acidic solution ("sour" water) is injected into the depleted Leduc Formation Redwater reef trough 47 alternating wells. If only the natural setting is considered, ... Show Abstract

Bachu, S.  Buschkuehle, B.E.  Haug, K.  Michael, K.  2008-04-14

REP 60

Thirty-First Annual Report of the Research Council of Alberta: 1950

Thirty-First Annual Report of the Research Council of Alberta: 1950 The annual report lists the Research Council of Alberta's projects for 1950, including bituminous sand, coal, gasoline, ultraviolet solar radiation, soil and natural gas. Place ... Show Abstract

Research Council of Alberta  1951-03-01

BUL 032

Urban Geology of Edmonton

An urban geology study of the Edmonton area was undertaken by the Alberta Research Council in response to the increasing demand for the geological information needed to formulate land use plans based on natural capabilities and limitations of the ... Show Abstract

Kathol, C.P.  McPherson, R.A.  1975-01-01

INF 140

Edmonton-Calgary Corridor Groundwater Atlas

Edmonton-Calgary Corridor Groundwater Atlas Place Keywords 82o 82p 83a 83b 83g 83h 83i 83j alberta calgary canada edmonton edmonton calgary corridor red deer Theme Keywords bedrock chemistry geology geophysics groundwater hydrochemistry hydrology ... Show Abstract

Alberta EnvironmentBarker, A.A.  Riddell, J.T.F.  Slattery, S.R.  Andriashek, L.D.  Moktan, H.  Wallace, S.  Lyster, S.  Jean, G.  Huff, G.F.  Stewart, S.A.  Lemay, T.G.  2011-11-10

INF 143

Hydrogeological Field Notes by Dr. Jozsef Toth 1964-1969, Central and Southern Alberta

The majority of the notes were taken during the summer of 1968 along a 100 km wide corridor running from southwestern Alberta to the Saskatchewan border, south of Cold Lake. Three parallel lines, 50 km apart, were drawn in a southwest to northeast ... Show Abstract

Toth, J.  2014-08-22

INF 126

Geoscape Edmonton

The valley also is a window into Edmonton�s geological landscape or geoscape. In our geoscape, we see geological forces carving the valley and creating resources and hazards, geological layers opened like the pages of a book for reading and a ... Show Abstract

Edwards, W.A.D.  Magee, D.  Langenberg, C.W.  Grobe, M.  Mussieux, R.  2002-01-01

ESR 1962-03

Reconnaissance groundwater survey of the Oyen map area, Alberta

Reconnaissance groundwater survey of the Oyen map area, Alberta Most wells in the Oyen area obtain domestic or farm supplies from sand and gravel within glacial deposits, from sandstones in the Edmonton or Bearpaw formations, or from deeply buried ... Show Abstract

Kunkle, G.R.  1962-01-01

MAP 215

Drift thickness of the Edmonton map area

Drift thickness in the Edmonton map area ranges from less than 10 m over flat-lying bedrock surfaces, to more than 70 m within the Cooking Lake Moraine and a number of buried valleys. Extensive areas of thin drift are found in much of the east ... Show Abstract

Andriashek, L.D.  2005-10-17

MAP 216

Bedrock topography and valley talwegs of the Edmonton map area

The bedrock topography of the Edmonton area can be described as a regional northeast sloping bedrock surface disected by numerous channels of preglacial and glacial fluvial origin. The bedrock surface ranges in elevation from about 900 m in the ... Show Abstract

Andriashek, L.D.  2005-10-17

MAP 277

Sand and Gravel Deposits with Aggregate Potential, Edmonton, Alberta (NTS 83H)

The map is a compilation of all existing Alberta Geological Survey sand and gravel geology and resource data for the NTS area. Data sources include Alberta Geological Survey maps and reports produced between 1976 and 2002. The deposit colour ... Show Abstract

Edwards, W.A.D.  Budney, H.D.  Berezniuk, T.  Butkovic, L.  2005-10-17