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ESR 1980-02

Hydrogeology of the Steen River-Whitesand River Area, Alberta

Evaluations of geology, topography, groundwater and surface water chemistry were fundamental in estimating hydrogeologic characteristics.The 20-year safe yields for half the area are over 0.4 l/sec (5 igpm) and only for a small area of very thick ... Show Abstract

Ozoray, G.F.  1980-01-01

ESR 1977-03

Index to Geological, bedrock topography, soils, and groundwater maps of Alberta

The Alberta Research Council; the Geological Survey of Canada (Department of Energy, Mines and Resources, Ottawa); the Research Branch, Canada Department of Agriculture; and the Resource Capability Group, Alberta Energy and Natural Resources are the ... Show Abstract

Root, J.D.  1978-01-01

ESR 1986-01

Alberta groundwater observation-well network

Major natural processes affecting groundwater levels include recharge and discharge of water to and from the saturated zone respectively, and movement of water in hydrodynamic flow systems. Other important processes affecting levels are atmospheric ... Show Abstract

Gabert, G.M.  1986-01-01

ESR 1972-12

A Legend and Guide for the Preparation and Use of the Alberta Hydrogeological Information and Reconnaissance Map Series

The hydrogeological mapping project undertaken by the Groundwater Division, Research Council of Alberta, created the need for a composite legend and guide for reference and use with the two map series: information and reconnaissance at scales of ... Show Abstract

Badry, A.  1972-01-01

ESR 1963-01

Aquifer-Testing Procedures and Other Information Used in Evaluating Groundwater Supplies in Alberta

Aquifer-Testing Procedures and Other Information Used in Evaluating Groundwater Supplies in Alberta The following topics are discussed in this report: the general occurrence of groundwater in Alberta; types of aquifers; water-well-log data ... Show Abstract

Jones, J.F.  1963-01-01

ESR 1956-01

Round-table Conference on Groundwater in Alberta

Round-table Conference on Groundwater in Alberta On Tuesday, September 27, 1955 the Research Council of Alberta sponsored a round-table conference on groundwater resources and development in the Province of Alberta, attended by twenty-seven ... Show Abstract

Research Council of Alberta  1955-09-27