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REP 14

Analyses of Alberta Coal

For each area, or district, a typical analysis is given, also maximum and minimum values to indicate the range of variations from the typical. The notes on page 18 should be studied carefully in order that the significance of the analyses may be ... Show Abstract

Stansfield, E.  Hollies, R.T.  Campbell, W.P.  1925-09-21

REP 35

Coals of Alberta, Their Occurrence, Analysis and Utilization

Coals of Alberta, Their Occurrence, Analysis and Utilization Coal-bearing beds in Alberta occur in three different geological horizons namely, the Edmonton, the Belly River, and the Blairmore-Kootenay. The first two horizons are in the Upper ... Show Abstract

Stansfield, E.  Lang, W.A.  1943-01-01

REP 46

Alberta Coals and Automatic Domestic Stokers

Laboratory investigation and questionnaire as sources of information. -- In 1942 the Research Council of Alberta decided to carry out an investigation on the suitability of Alberta coals for use in automatic domestic stokers; and funds for this ... Show Abstract

Stansfield, E.  Genge, C.A.  1945-03-01