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BUL 005

Air Photographs of Alberta

Air Photographs of Alberta The Plains Region, parts of the Mountains and Precambrian Shield, as well as the Foothills, is photographed in this depiction of aerial photographs. The basic principle of this report is to provide accurate information ... Show Abstract

Gravenor, C.P.  Green, R.  Godfrey, J.D.  1960-01-01

BUL 003

Precambrian Basement Features in Northern Alberta

The Precambrian basement rocks and their overlying arenaceous deposits have been discussed by Baillie (1956), Goodman (1956), Greenwalt (1956), Guthrie (1956), and Sproule (1956), and the Peace River region has been the subject of a symposium of the ... Show Abstract

Green, R.  1958-01-01

MAP 024

Bedrock Geology of Northern Alberta

Bedrock Geology of Northern Alberta Ages range from the PreCambrian to Cretaceous, and all units are described in the legend. Two diagrammatic cross sections, one from northeast to southeast the other from southwest to southeast, respectively show ... Show Abstract

Green, R.  Mellon, G.B.  Carrigy, M.A.  2010-11-17

MAP 027

Geological Map of Alberta

Geological Map of Alberta Place Keywords 72e 72l 72m 73d 73e 73l 73m 74d 74e 74l 74m 82g 82h 82i 82j 82n 82o 82p 83a 83b 83c 83d 83e 83f 83g 83h 83i 83j 83k 83l 83m 83n 83o 83p 84a 84b 84c 84d 84e 84f 84g 84h 84i 84j 84k 84l 84m 84n 84o 84p alberta ... Show Abstract

Green, R.  2011-03-01

OFR 1970-02

Criteria for Selection of Sites for Solid Waste Disposal

Any form of garbage dump, nuisance grounds, refuse disposal site or sanitary landfill operation will cause three basic kinds of pollution. [...]a new approach to disposal of city refuses must be found.The conversion of city refuse to useful ... Show Abstract

Green, R.  Currie, D.V.  1970-06-01