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Calcium and magnesium in Alberta brines

Calcium and magnesium in Alberta brines Approximately 850 subsurface brines from Alberta containing more than 20,000 mg/L calcium and more than 3,000 mg/L magnesium were studied to determine their commercial potential. Knowledge of the regional ... Show Abstract

Hitchon, B.  Holter, M.E.  1971-11-01

BUL 038

The Hydrogeology of the Athabasca Oil Sands Area, Alberta

West of the fault, three hydrostratigraphic units are defined: 1.The K-O hydrostratigraphic unit, consisting of Holocene and Cretaceous sediments, is characterized by alternating vertical and horizontal groundwater flow controlled by zones of low ... Show Abstract

Hackbarth, D.A.  Nastasa, N.  1979-01-01

GEO 2002-20

Metallogenic Considerations for Devonian Carbonates in the Fort McMurray and Fort Vermilion Areas, Alberta: A Contribution to the Carbonate-Hosted Pb-Zn (MVT) Targeted Geoscience Initiative

Field observations confirmed that the investigated areas are part of the Alberta Basin basinal fluids discharge system inferred to have economic potential for metallic minerals accumulation. Updip, bedding-parallel fluid migration through the ... Show Abstract

Eccles, D.R.  Pana, D.I.  2003-08-01

OFR 1995-07

Geology of Devonian Limestones in Northeast Alberta

Northeast Alberta is the only area in the province outside the Rocky Mountains belt where limestone rocks are found in outcrop. Evaporites and redbed clastics also comprise part of the succession in the deeper subsurface, but do not crop out in the ... Show Abstract

Cotterill, D.K.  Hamilton, W.N.  1995-03-01

OFR 1986-01

Bitumen resources of the Upper Devonian Grosmont formation, Twp. 88-98, northern Alberta

The study reflects the specific interest of AENR's Mineral Agreement Branch in the bitumen potential of the northern portion of the Grosmont belt. In spite of various studies and ever-increasing interest in the Grosmont bitumen resources, ... Show Abstract

Yoon, T.  1986-01-01

DIG 2013-0018

Bedrock Geology of Alberta (GIS data, polygon features)

Bedrock Geology of Alberta (GIS data, polygon features) Mapping in support of the dataset included field observations and creating three-dimensional models of subsurface stratigraphy based on the interpretation of geophysical logs from oil and gas ... Show Abstract

Prior, G.J.  Hathway, B.  Glombick, P.M.  Pana, D.I.  Banks, C.J.  Hay, D.C.  Schneider, C.L.  Grobe, M.  Elgr, R.  Weiss, J.A.  2013-09-18