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BUL 050

Petrographic studies of coals from Alberta plains

Eleven coal regions in the Alberta plains, identified suitable as feedstock for on-site conversion by liquefaction and pyrolysis, were analyzed for their petrographic composition and rank determination by reflectance analysis. Reflectivities ... Show Abstract

Parkash, S.  1985-01-01

INF 102

Application of Coal Petrography in the Liquefaction of Subbituminous Coals and Lignites

The Energy Resources Conservation Board (1981) estimates 6.7 gigatonnes of strippable coal reserves (table1). If oil prices continue to increase and an efficient conversion technology is developed, coal could compete economically with oil sands as ... Show Abstract

Parkash, S.  Cameron, A.R.du Plessis, M.P.  1983-01-01