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ESR 1975-04

Deep Cretaceous Coal Resources of the Alberta Plains

Three major coal-bearing stratigraphic zones exist in the Plains region: the Edmonton Group and equivalents, the Belly River (Judith River) Group and the Mannville Group. The deep coal zones of the Alberta Plains were investigated through the use ... Show Abstract

Yurko, J.R.  1976-01-01

OFR 1990-02

Alberta Geological Survey - Coal Geology: Coal Compilation Project - Entrance NTS 83F/5

Alberta Geological Survey - Coal Geology: Coal Compilation Project - Entrance NTS 83F/5 The objective of the pilot Coal Compilation Project was to provide coal resource maps, at a 1:50,000 scale, to stimulate and support industry exploration ... Show Abstract

Richardson, R.J.H.  Langenberg, C.W.  Chao, D.K.  Fietz, D.W.  1990-01-01

OFR 1990-20

Future Research Directions in Coal Geology in the Province of Alberta: A Plan of Action

A set of recommendations for future work in coal geology by the ARC included research in the areas of coal quality, regional coal evaluation and database management (Langenberg, et al., 1986). Coal quality ranked at the most important area of ... Show Abstract

Alberta Geological Survey  1987-09-01

OFR 1989-02

Coal Geology Database

The coal database's prime function is to support the information requirements of the Alberta Geological Survey's Coal Geology Group as well as those of industry and government. Currently, the Coal Data Base contains data from the Alberta Geological ... Show Abstract

Richardson, R.J.H.  Mandryk, G.B.  Fietz, D.W.  1989-01-01

OFR 1989-03

Coal Geology Geoscience Information System Pilot Study

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) allow for functional graphics and analysis integration within one package and using one data base platform.The system created during this study operates under the shell of pcARC/INF0. In addition to the above ... Show Abstract

Richardson, R.J.H.  Chao, D.K.  Krzanowski, R.M.  1989-01-01