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OFR 2011-01

Review of Metallic Mineralization in Alberta with Emphasis on Gold Potential

Review of Metallic Mineralization in Alberta with Emphasis on Gold Potential The documented precious- and base-metal mineral occurrences and geochemical anomalies indicate significant metallogenic potential for 1) the Precambrian shield and ... Show Abstract

Rukhlov, A.S.  2011-01-31

OFR 1994-19

Investigation of Potential Paleoplacers in the Cretaceous Strata of the North Saskatchewan River Watershed

The volcanic grain content of these clastics which is an indicator of their origin in the Omineca Belt ranges from trace amounts to over 60%. In Alberta the Burmis magnetite paleoplacer in the basal sandstone of the belly River Formation (the lower ... Show Abstract

Horachek, Y.  1994-03-01

OFR 1985-11


Gold deposits are usually divided into two broad categories based on different mining and processing conditions: placer and lode deposits. A literature study classified relevant gold references. Alberta Research Council staff did placer field ... Show Abstract

Godfrey, J.D.  1985-01-01

OFR 1983-15

Index of Mineral Commodity Reports for Alberta

Index of Mineral Commodity Reports for Alberta GEODIAL is continually being updated and this report will be recompiled as warranted.Commodities covered in this report are: Absorbents, Alum, Alumina, Barite, Bentonite, Clay and Shale, Coal, Copper, ... Show Abstract

MacGillivray, J.R.  1983-01-01

OFR 1983-02

Geochemical Studies - 1: Trace Elements in Alberta Crude Oils

Twenty-two trace elements, determined by neutron activation techniques, are reported for 86 conventional crude oils and two crude oils from the Athabasca oil sand deposit, Alberta. When these crude oils are grouped into three families, based on ... Show Abstract

Hitchon, B.  Filby, R.H.  1983-04-30

OFR 1965-11

The Occurrence of Gold in Alberta Rivers

The following is a summary of the program conducted by Dr. L.B. Halferdahl on the occurrence of gold in Alberta rivers.The survey was conducted by sieving and panning several cubic feet of gravel from the top foot or so of bars and similar places in ... Show Abstract

Halferdahl, L.B.  1965-11-01