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OFR 2012-06

Summary of Alberta's Shale- and Siltstone-Hosted Hydrocarbon Resource Potential

The Energy Resource Appraisal Group of the Energy Resources Conservation Board provides information related to the oil and gas resource endowment of Alberta. The intent of this report is to provide baseline data, information, and understanding of ... Show Abstract

Rokosh, C.D.  Lyster, S.  Anderson, S.D.A.  Beaton, A.P.  Berhane, H.  Brazzoni, T.  Chen, D.  Cheng, Y.  Mack, T.  Pana, C.  Pawlowicz, J.G.  2012-11-05

OFR 1974-43

Mineral Resources of Alberta

Alberta is abundantly endowed with mineral resources and since 1971 has led all other provinces in Canada in the value of mineral production. The province is rich in the variety as well as the value of its minerals, although the bulk of the mineral ... Show Abstract

Alberta Research Council  1974-04-01