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OFR 2009-10

Review of Underground Coal Gasification with Reference to Alberta's Potential

UCG is an alternative source of energy in several countries around the world. In Alberta, the process has been tested since the summer of 2008 at two locations: southwest of Edmonton targeting the Ardley coal zone and northwest of Edmonton where ... Show Abstract

Pana, C.  2009-08-28

OFR 2009-20

Preliminary Investigation of Potash Potential in Alberta

Preliminary Investigation of Potash Potential in Alberta The same cannot be said for potash, a potassium-bearing impurity of salt, for which the neighbouring province of Saskatchewan is the worldwide leader in potash production. Renewed interest ... Show Abstract

Eccles, D.R.  Al-Souqi, M.  Grattan, K.  Dufresne, M.B.  2010-01-12

OFR 2011-01

Review of Metallic Mineralization in Alberta with Emphasis on Gold Potential

Review of Metallic Mineralization in Alberta with Emphasis on Gold Potential The documented precious- and base-metal mineral occurrences and geochemical anomalies indicate significant metallogenic potential for 1) the Precambrian shield and ... Show Abstract

Rukhlov, A.S.  2011-01-31

OFR 2010-01

Building Stone in Alberta

The report focuses on the geological aspects of the rocks, as this helps determine how suitable the rocks are as building stone. The following characteristics determine the suitability of stone for building purposes: strength, durability, ... Show Abstract

Crocq, C.S.  2010-02-05

OFR 2018-08

An Update to the Glacial Landforms Map of Alberta

Abstract: This report provides an overview of the methods and results of an update to the digital dataset that accompanied Alberta Energy Regulator / Alberta Geological Survey (AER/AGS) Map 604. It focuses particularly on the morphology of each of the landform feature classes, and highlights areas where significant revisions were required and what implications these have for future work. AER/AGS Map 604 and accompanying digital dataset portrayed ~74 000 glacial landforms derived from previously published maps and reports, as well as new mapping based on a light detection and ranging (LiDAR) bare-earth digital elevation model (DEM) covering 46% of the province. The acquisition in 2017 of a 15 m LiDAR DEM for all remaining areas of Alberta, excluding federally controlled lands, has enabled AGS mappers to provide an updated, comprehensive inventory of ~143 500 glacial landforms across the province. The update’s mapping focus remained on landforms that constrain former ice margins (moraines, ice-marginal channels), ice sheet geometry and flow dynamics (streamlined subglacial bedforms, ice-thrust moraines, glacially overridden moraines, crevasse-fill ridges) and hydrology (meltwater channels and eskers). An additional thematic layer included in the updated digital dataset depicts the distribution of eolian dunes across Alberta. Such work is of interest to the glaciological community, and also to those mapping glacial deposits to determine mineral dispersal patterns, as well as near-surface material properties, particularly relating to hydrogeology, geo-engineering, natural resources management, infrastructure planning, and environmental protection.   Place Keywords 72e 72l 72m 73d 73e 73l 73m 74d 74e 74l 74m 82g 82h 82i 82j 82n 82o 82p 83a 83b 83c 83d 83e 83f 83g 83h 83i 83j 83k 83l 83m 83n 83o 83p 84a 84b 84c 84d 84e 84f 84g 84h 84i 84j 84k 84l 84m 84n 84o 84p alberta canada Theme Keywords geological maps geology geomorphology glaciation surficial mapping

Atkinson, N.  Utting, D.J.  Pawley, S.  2018-06-27

OFR 2011-15

Alberta Microseismicity Project, Phase 1: Site Assessments for the ATSN Semipermanent Stations and the PSEIP Strachan Temporary Seismic Array

Alberta Microseismicity Project, Phase 1: Site Assessments for the ATSN Semipermanent Stations and the PSEIP Strachan Temporary Seismic Array An eighth site was selected by PSIEP at Priddis as an upgrade to a previous installation. Place Keywords ... Show Abstract

Stern, V.H.  Schultz, R.J.  Jean, G.M.  2011-12-19

OFR 1995-01

Resource Estimates of Industrial Minerals in Alberta Formation Waters

Of these, calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), potassium (K), lithium (Li), iodine (I) and bromine (Br) are found in places at concentrations above the corresponding regional and detailed exploration limits. Depending on resource amount and ability to ... Show Abstract

Bachu, S.  Yuan, L.P.  Brulotte, M.  1995-01-31

OFR 1985-08

Lead and Zinc

Lead and Zinc Geological environments with carbonate rocks of the Rocky Mountains and the plains of Alberta are favourable for Mississippi Valley-type lead-zinc deposits. Geochemical-geophysical surface reconnaissance exploration would be good to ... Show Abstract

Godfrey, J.D.  1985-01-01

OFR 1990-09

Placer Gold Occurrences in Alberta

The primary published source of information is Halferdahl (1965), other useful sources are Giusti (1983) and MacGillivray, Sham and Boisvert (1984). All sources are referenced in the data sets. The information is divided into four different ... Show Abstract

Edwards, W.A.D.  1990-01-01

OFR 1994-13

Industrial Mineral Resources in Alberta Formation Waters

Stratigraphic intervals in four regions of Alberta were previously identified as having formation waters with potentially economic concentrations of calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), potassium (K), iodide (I), Lithium (Li) and bromide (Br). For each ... Show Abstract

Underschultz, J.R.  Yuan, L.P.  Bachu, S.  Cotterill, D.K.  Hitchon, B.  1994-03-01