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OFR 2013-05

Regional Cross-Sections of Devonian Stratigraphy in Northeastern Alberta (NTS 74D, E)

In this report, we present three regional cross-sections of the Devonian in subsurface along east-west and north-south trend lines in a study area encompassing Twp. 87 to 98, Rge. 3 to 15, W 4th Mer, Alberta. Devonian strata are included in OSCRIP ... Show Abstract

Schneider, C.L.  Grobe, M.  2013-09-30

OFR 1994-06

Mapping and Resource Evaluation of the Tertiary and Preglacial Sand and Gravel Formations of Alberta

The objectives of the project are to describe and correlate preglacial deposits, evaluate the mineral aggregate and placer gold potential of preglacial deposits, and identify diamond indicator minerals in preglacial deposits. Preglacial deposits ... Show Abstract

Edwards, W.A.D.  Scafe, D.  1996-03-31

OFR 1996-05

Preliminary Mapping and Field Reconnaissance of the Lower to Upper Cretaceous (Middle Albian to Lower Turonian) Stratigraphy - Northeastern Alberta

Recent exploration by the mineral industry, in the region, has identified other sedimentary units that may potentially contain economic deposits of precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum. Anomalously high, isolated occurrences of gold ... Show Abstract

Cotterill, D.K.  Berhane, H.  1996-02-14