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OFR 1994-13

Industrial Mineral Resources in Alberta Formation Waters

Stratigraphic intervals in four regions of Alberta were previously identified as having formation waters with potentially economic concentrations of calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), potassium (K), iodide (I), Lithium (Li) and bromide (Br). For each ... Show Abstract

Underschultz, J.R.  Yuan, L.P.  Bachu, S.  Cotterill, D.K.  Hitchon, B.  1994-03-01

OFR 1991-20

Hydrochemistry of Phanerozoic Strata, Northeast Alberta: Report to Alberta Research Council

The Northeast Alberta study area is defined as 55° to 58°N, and 110° to 114°W. A total of 2933 formation water analyses from the area were entered into the Alberta Geological Survey Well Data Base, verified, and subjected to a variety of ... Show Abstract

Hitchon, B.  1991-12-01