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REP 01

First Annual Report on the Mineral Resources of Alberta

First Annual Report on the Mineral Resources of Alberta Much has yet to be done, and considerable field investigation must be carried out before the extent of the mineral resources of the Province of Alberta can be determined.The details given in ... Show Abstract

Allan, J.A.  1920-02-17

REP 20

Seventh Annual Report of the Scientific and Industrial Research Council of Alberta 1926

Seventh Annual Report of the Scientific and Industrial Research Council of Alberta 1926 The work of the Geological Survey Division of the Council is carried on in conjunction with the Department of Geology at the University of Alberta, under the ... Show Abstract

Allan, J.A.  1927-02-24

REP 07

An Occurrence of Iron on Lake Athabasca

An Occurrence of Iron on Lake Athabasca The occurrence of iron-bearing rocks has been reported from time to time along the north shore of Lake Athabasca, since J.B. Tyrrell made the earliest geological surveys of that district in 1893. In 1921 ... Show Abstract

Allan, J.A.  Cameron, A.R.  1923-02-07

REP 34


The various geological formations shown on the maps are described in a general way, but no attempt is made to discuss fully the geology of Alberta, as it is known to date. Detailed descriptions of the various groups of rock formations and the ... Show Abstract

Allan, J.A.  1943-01-01

REP 02

Second Annual Report on the Mineral Resources of Alberta

[...]Annual Report on the Mineral Resources of Alberta The occurrences, determined extent, and available data already published on various minerals in the province were referred to and summarized.In 1920 nearly five months were given to ... Show Abstract

Allan, J.A.  1921-02-22

REP 30

Geology of Central Alberta

Abstract: During the past fifteen years the Geological Survey Division of the Research Council of Alberta has examined many parts of Alberta. Some of the investigations have been of a detailed nature on relatively small areas, others have been more general, and reconnaissance traverses have been made in areas reported on in detail by other organizations. One of the ultimate objects of this work has been to gradually assimilate the information in order that larger areas might be mapped in a general way. In 1925 the first geological map of Alberta was published. In preparing this map all available information was used and the positions of many of the geological boundaries were changed. This map is now out of print and a new edition will require several changes as a result of new information. The work done in the northern part of Alberta since 1925 has not added much information relative to the general distribution of the formations. Much new geological data on the central part of Alberta have been obtained since 1925, and although there are still relatively large districts that have not been examined in detail, the available data have been used in preparing the geological map of central Alberta, which accompanies this report.The writers have examined the greater part of the area with varying degrees of detail, and the geological information mapped and discussed is based largely on these observations. There are two general areas that have not been examined, namely, that along the Athabasca north of Calling river, and parts of the mountains and foothills along the headwaters of Smoky River. In addition there are some relatively inaccessible interstream areas that have not been studied, especially in the north central part and in some districts between Athabasca and Smoky Rivers. It is believed, however, that an examination of these interstream areas on the plains would not add materially to our general knowledge of the distribution and character of the underlying formations, although such work might necessitate minor changes in the mapping.In the following discussion use has been made of information contained in various reports dealing with areas where detailed work has been done. Many of these publications are cited, but no attempt has been made to compile a complete bibliography of the geology of central Alberta. Considerable geological data have been obtained within recent years in some parts on which very little has been published and in such cases the discussions have been made somewhat fuller than in dealing with districts on which there are detailed reports of relatively recent date.Fossil material collected at various places has been determined and classified by P.S. Warren who, on occasions, has cooperated in the field examinations of some districts. We are indebted to B.F. Hake for information regarding the distribution of the Cretaceous formations in the foothills northwest of Smoky River. Place Keywords 73d 73e 73l 73m 74d 83a 83b 83c 83d 83e 83f 83g 83h 83i 83j 83k 83l 83m 83n 83o 83p 84a 84b 84c 84d Theme Keywords geology

Allan, J.A.  1934-03-13