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Limestone resources of Alberta

Seven areas in Alberta, close to transportation facilities, were studied to determine quality and reserves of high-calcium limestone.Three formational units in the foothills and mountain regions are of importance. Formerly a cement plant operated ... Show Abstract

Holter, M.E.  1976-01-01


Calcium and magnesium in Alberta brines

Calcium and magnesium in Alberta brines Approximately 850 subsurface brines from Alberta containing more than 20,000 mg/L calcium and more than 3,000 mg/L magnesium were studied to determine their commercial potential. Knowledge of the regional ... Show Abstract

Hitchon, B.  Holter, M.E.  1971-11-01

OFR 1976-16

Geology and Coal Resources of the Horseshoe Canyon Formation of Central Alberta

The Horseshoe Canyon Formation includes numerous beds of subbituminous coal within the lowermost 400 to 50 feet which can only be correlated on a regional basis with great difficulty. The Drumheller equivalent is stratigraphically lower and may be ... Show Abstract

Holter, M.E.  Chu, M.  Yurko, J.R.  1976-01-01