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MAP 604

Glacial Landforms of Alberta, Canada

A review of government survey mapping and research literature, supplemented by new analysis of remote sensing data was used to produce a glacial map and accompanying geographic information system (GIS) database of landforms associated with the ... Show Abstract

Atkinson, N.  Utting, D.J.  Pawley, S.M.  2014-07-15

ESR 1957-03

Glacial Geology Galahad-Hardisty District, Alberta

The topography of the district has been modified by debris-filled meltwater channels (stream trenches) which are numerous in the eastern portion of the area. The western portion of the Hardisty district is composed of gently rolling ground moraine ... Show Abstract

Bayrock, L.A.  1958-01-01

ESR 1957-02

Glacial Geology Alliance-Brownfield District Alberta

The eastern part of the Alliance-Brownfield district is made up of hummocky dead-ice moraine and the western part is a relatively flat till plain, the Torlea flats (Warren, 1937). [...]covers most of the surface of the area, and other glacial and ... Show Abstract

Bayrock, L.A.  1958-01-01

ESR 1956-05

Air Photographs of the Plains Region of Alberta

Over the past 20 years air photographs have been used extensively by the geologist, soil scientist, forester, geographer, topographer and engineer. While air photographs have been used by the different professions for a wide variety of purposes, ... Show Abstract

Gravenor, C.P.  1956-01-01

ESR 1967-04

Surficial Geology of the Wainwright Area (East Half), Alberta

Abstract: The Wainwright area lies within the east-central Alberta Plains, a relatively flat, glaciated area underlain by gentle dipping detrital strata of Late Cretaceous age. In most parts of the area, bedrock is overlain by till, as ground or hummocky moraine, the most common type of surficial deposit. Till, in turn, is overlain in many places by glaciofluvial and lacustrine deposits, aeolian sands, and thin patches of recent alluvial and lacustrine sediments. Examination of the glacial deposits and landforms suggest that they originated from large-scale downwasting and stagnation of the Keewatin ice-sheet, which advanced over the area during Pleistocene time. The glacial deposits are believed to be of Wisconsin age. Place Keywords 73d alberta wainwright Theme Keywords alluvial fans alluvial terrace bedrock channels colluvium eskers glaciofluvial glaciolacustrine gravel kames keewatin lacustrine meltwater moraines outwash sand scarps surficial till

Bayrock, L.A.  1967-01-01

DIG 2007-0024

Quaternary Geology of Central Alberta - Linear landform features (GIS data, line features)

Quaternary Geology of Central Alberta - Linear landform features (GIS data, line features) Place Keywords 73d 73e 73l 83a 83b 83g 83h 83i 83j alberta canada central alberta Theme Keywords eskers geology gis data moraines quaternary geology ... Show Abstract

Shetsen, I.  2007-05-31