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OFR 2018-10

Three-Dimensional Property Modelling of the Montney Formation in Alberta

The model consists of three properties in a 3D grid generated from petrophysical well log analysis: gamma ray response, total porosity, and total organic carbon. All of the standard format digital datasets can be viewed in iMOD (see Section 7.2) an ... Show Abstract

Lyster, S.  Marshall, F.H.  Playter, T.L.  Berhane, H.  2019-03-28

Model 2019-01

Three-Dimensional Property Model of the Montney Formation in Alberta (dataset, multiple files)

The model area covers approximately 88 000 km2 and is bounded by the Alberta-British Columbia border in the west, the deformation edge associated with the Rocky Mountains to the southwest, and the erosional edge of the Montney Formation to the north ... Show Abstract

Lyster, S.  Playter, T.L.  Marshall, F.H.  Berhane, H.  2019-03-28