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DIG 2018-0012

Peace River Minecraft Model: 3D Print Files (digital data, STL format)

Abstract: This dataset consists of 6 STL-format files representing select geological intervals in the Peace River area of Alberta. The zip file also includes a PDF document explaining the model and containing metadata about the printed version. The model vertical exaggeration is 50 times and the actual geospatial representation encompasses an area of approximately 240 km x 270 km to a depth of 3 km. In 2015, a high-resolution 17 layer 3D geological model was created in Petrel software as part of AGS OFR 2015-07 "Investigation of Odours and Emissions from Heavy Oil and Bitumen in the Peace River Oil Sands Area: 3-D Geological Modelling and Petroleum Geochemistry". This Petrel model was converted to a simplified 6 layer Minecraft world in 2017. The Peace River Minecraft World layers were converted to STL-format files so they could be downloaded and printed by others.   Place Keywords 83n 83o 84b 84c 84f 84g alberta canada peace river Theme Keywords carboniferous devonian geology jurassic lower cretaceous permian precambrian quaternary triassic

MacCormack, T.J.  Galloway, E.J.  2018-10-18