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OFR 2018-05

Cenozoic Stratigraphy of Northwestern Alberta (parts of NTS 83M-O and 84B-G)

Stratigraphic correlations of Cenozoic units were made on cross-sections using lithology data from water-well records, previously recorded data from outcrop and boreholes, and re-examined core. The Cenozoic stratigraphy of northwestern Alberta has ... Show Abstract

Slomka, J.M.  2018-07-23

OFR 2015-07

Investigation of Odours and Emissions from Heavy Oil and Bitumen in the Peace River Oil Sands Area: 3-D Geological Modelling and Petroleum Geochemistry

Report of Recommendations on Odours and Emissions in the Peace River Area), and included the creation of a three-dimensional (3-D) geological model, designing and implementing a petroleum sampling and analysis program, and defining geological plays ... Show Abstract

Anderson, S.D.A.  Filewich, C.  Lyster, S.  MacCormack, K.E.  2015-08-04

OFR 2017-07

First-Order Groundwater Availability Assessment for Central Alberta

First-Order Groundwater Availability Assessment for Central Alberta The aquifer-yield continuum classifies groundwater yield along a spectrum that helps define total groundwater availability and is bound by two extremes: non-use and maximum ... Show Abstract

Klassen, J.  Smerdon, B.D.  2018-02-14

OFR 2017-02

Hydrocarbon Resource Potential of the Duvernay Formation in Alberta - Update

The 2012 assessment of the Duvernay Formation included only the very earliest test wells in the Duvernay and therefore made many assumptions about rock properties, water saturation, fluid distributions, and pressure and temperature regimes. New ... Show Abstract

Lyster, S.  Corlett, H.  Berhane, H.  2017-07-20

OFR 2019-01

Origin and Li-Enrichment of Selected Oilfield Brines in the Alberta Basin, Canada

Oilfield brines investigated in this study occupy both the pre-Cretaceous and post-Jurassic regional groundwater flow regimes within the Alberta Basin. Pre-Cretaceous regime brines located east of the western margin of the Cooking Lake platform ... Show Abstract

Huff, G.F.  2019-03-01

OFR 2018-11

Three-Dimensional Property Modelling of the Duvernay Formation

The skeleton of the 3D models builds on the work from the 3D Provincial Geological Framework Model of Alberta V.1 (3D PGFM v1) for the Duvernay Formation with more detailed internal architecture and modelled properties including; petrophysical ... Show Abstract

Marshall, F.H.  Corlett, H.  Lyster, S.  Berhane, H.  2019-03-28