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SPE 110

Calgary-Lethbridge Corridor Geophysical Survey: Interpretation of AeroTEM Airborne Data

The purpose of the survey was to map aquifers with electromagnetic imaging techniques. The data were processed by Aeroquest using a conductivity depth imaging (CDI) method called differential resistivity. The traverse and tie line Hz data were ... Show Abstract

Davis, L.  Groom, R.W.  2018-09-17

DIG 2017-0001

Calgary-Lethbridge Corridor Geophysical Survey: Compilation of Airborne AeroTEM System Electromagnetic and Magnetic Survey Data (digital data, various formats)

The total survey coverage was 18,645 square kilometres, consisting of 28,229 line-km in a single block flown in a 163/343 degree direction using a flight line spacing of 750 m and tie-lines at 7500 m spacing. The AeroTEM study digital deliverables ... Show Abstract

Fildes, B.J., comp.  2018-09-17