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DIG 2017-0017

U-Pb Detrital Zircon Geochronology Raw Data of the Jurassic through Lower Cretaceous Strata of the Rocky Mountains, Southwestern Alberta (tabular data, tab delimited format)

Abstract: This dataset contains U-Pb geochronology analyses of detrital zircon from Lower Jurassic to Lower Cretaceous strata of the southern Canadian Rocky Mountains fold-and-thrust belt, collected between approximately 49° 30’N and 53° 30’N. The sample suite includes 17 samples from all coarser clastic units of the Fernie Formation, 8 samples from the first massive (commonly >1m thick) sandstone bed assigned to the basal Morrissey and Nikanassin formations and 4 samples from the Cadomin Formation. The samples were submitted to the Canadian Centre for Isotopic Microanalysis (CCIM) of the University of Alberta where approximately 120 individual zircon grains were analyzed from each sample using laser ablation multi collector inductively coupled mass spectrometry, for a total of 3213 single zircon ages. For interpretation purposes the data were culled using a 10% discordance filter with the following criteria: for ages greater than 500 Ma, concordance was assessed by comparing the 206Pb/238U and 207Pb/206Pb ages, for ages less than 500 Ma, concordance was assessed by comparing the 207Pb/235U and 206Pb/238U ages. Approximately 20% of the analyses with >10% discordance values were rejected, leaving 2499 age values that were used for interpretation. Place Keywords 82g 82j 82n 82o 83b 83c 83f 83g alberta canada rocky mountains Theme Keywords basal sandstone cadomin formation cretaceous detrital zircon geology gryphaea bed jurassic morrissey formation nikanassin formation passage beds poker chip shale provenance rock creek member uranium-lead geochronology

Pana, D.I.  2017-09-27