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Alberta Bentonites

Low yields, high grit content, or thick overburden reduce the desirability of other deposits.The paucity of glass shards and the mineralogy of the sand and silt fractions suggest rhyodacite as the composition of the parent volcanic ash for each ... Show Abstract

Scafe, D.W.  1975-01-01


The ceramic potential of Alberta clays and shales

Many geographical areas and geological formations were missed when the ceramic suitability of materials was studied early this century. Geological formations that are useful for the production of structural clay products or pottery are Pleistocene ... Show Abstract

Scafe, D.W.  1982-01-01

ESN 1980-A

Potential industrial clays of Alberta : a preliminary assessment, Part II

From the same area, samples of Kaskapau Formation dry well, firing range is moderate to long, and the milk chocolate brown colour could be acceptable in "earth colour" pottery or structural clay products. A sample from the Bearpaw Formation in the ... Show Abstract

Scafe, D.W.  1980-01-01

ESN 1978-A

Potential industrial clays of Alberta : a preliminary assessment, Part I

Potential industrial clays of Alberta : a preliminary assessment, Part I Clays from the Luscar Formation show the most potential as they work well, extrude well, and dry well in addition to firing to an appealing dark chocolate colour at the end of ... Show Abstract

Scafe, D.W.  1978-01-01

MAP 519

Aggregate Resources Lesser Slave Lake (NTS 83O)

The character of the material (ratio of sand to gravel and amount of fines) in the deposit is described and its attributes may be shown, such as the geological process that formed each deposit and deposit thickness. [...]this map displays the ... Show Abstract

Scafe, D.W.  Buchan, W.  Berhane, H.  2011-08-25

OFR 1986-05

Sand and Gravel Resources of the Peerless Lake (South Half of 84B) and Lesser Slave Lake (North Half of 83O) Map Areas, Alberta

The aggregate materials present in the south half of Peerless Lake (NTS 84B) and in the north half of Lesser Slave Lake (NTS 83O) map areas were studied in 1985 to provide information on the distribution and characteristics of the resource. The ... Show Abstract

Scafe, D.W.  Sham, P.C.  1986-01-01